10 Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Dad ~ By Ed

I recently saw Kate of Dolly Bow Bow post her 10 Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Mum video and thought a) I'd like to do a post about that too and b) I'd like to ask Ed what his ten things are. 

So, here are Ed's answers (with some commentary from me in brackets) and here is a link to mine.

1. Even if you don't like babies, you'll like your own.

 (Ed was/is not a baby person).

2. Don't make your baby jump. They will cry and you'll feel bad. Like, really bad.

(It's a fine line, that one that separates a peek-a-boo from a trauma inducing 'BOO'. We know).

3. It'll be more fun than you think.  

(They play bands together. Ed plays the piano and Harry plays tambourine, in his Bumbo, side by side each another).

4.Your priorities will change.

Looking after your family will become the main thing in your life. Not your mates. Or the pub.

5. Babies become aware really quickly.


They like watching lights, television and animals and they pay attention to your words pretty much from birth.

6. Your mum will love your baby more than she loves you.

She will go on about how he's the best baby in the world now and not you. 

(Ed's found losing his 'favourite' status a bitter pill to swallow).

7. There are some pretty cool baby outfits you can buy.

(He bought Harry this...)

8. It's hard to make a baby laugh. 

There's no limit to the ridiculous things you will find yourself trying

9. My girlfriend was always made to be a mum. 

She's a natural at it.

(I didn't tell him to say that I promise)

10. You'll never love another human being more than you love your own child

(He's right)




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