DIY String Light Wall Art Decoration

I'm obsessed with string lights at the moment. And with trying to make my bedroom look nice. I was busy googling 'Fairy Light Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas' when I came across this post. I had to have a go and it was so easy to do. See what you think.

For this DIY you will need:

Fairy Lights with a clear string (I used these warm white fairy lights from )

8 Picture Tacks

A Hammer

Mini pegs (I used these floral heart ones from Amazon)

Selection of Pictures and Postcards (mine are from Paperchase

How to Make Your Wall Art:

I made a YouTube Video on how I made my string light wall art in my bedroom. It's only the second video I've ever made in my life, but hopefully you'll get the jist!.

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more hilarious attempts at making YouTube videos. I've got a Tommee Tippee Factory vlog and haul coming soon.

Any questions about this DIY please ask in the comments below :)



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